tHe ROLLER coaster – laxed out

UP and OVER …. Delamore Drive, Cable Bay, and if you wish,

the fantabulous Te Whau Peninsula …..THE DRIVE is sensational  ….

the views to die for …. just kidding, we WON’T.   You know what

I mean …. time to stop at AZZURO   OLIVES  for a beautiful tasting of

Waiheke grown olives – beautiful gifts to buy…. ALL THIS AND MORE

You may wish to book a return trip for dinner!  ~ Your Driver:  CLAUDIA


Just $75 pp for this little beauty!

Other Tour Options:

Fish and Chip Tour – a shortie, accompanied with fresh snapper, hotdoggedy dogs with Watties Tomato Sauce and crispy chips from our local Pukekohe potatoes.  You will love this!   – visit the little coves on the Island.